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All you need is 42 minutes. 

It's important to start a facial with clean face

Step 1: Wet your face with warm water.

Step 2: Apply your favorite cleanser onto the SPOTLESS 1 or rub it into your skin.

Step 3: Glide the DUA FIT across skin in light circles.

Step 4: Rinse your skin and brush head.

Dry your face with a clean towel and get ready for the next session.

This DUA FIT silicone facial cleansing brush utilizes ultrasonic pulsations to blasts away dirt and germs that are hidden underneath the skin. The backside of the device generates smooth and even heat at 45 ℃ for thermotherapy to reduce stress and get rid of eye puffiness. 

Now, It is time for some nano-steam

Step 1: Fill the water tank with purified or disstilled water (Don’t add any other substances).

Step 2: Touch the power button and start steaming.

Step 3: Enjoy a 15-minute steam, The device will shut-off automatically in 15 minutes.

Step 4: Empty the remaining water in the water tank when the Haze 3 cooled down.

A facial steam device from marasil

The HAZE 3 is ideal for all skin types, especially those with dehydrated skin and enlarged pores. Relax and indulge yourself, as luxurious nano-steam technology hydrates and purifies the skin in one simple step, revealing a dewy and smooth complexion in as quickly as 15 minutes. An ideal way to begin any at-home facial, the Haze 3 enhances the benefits of any skin care regimen. The skin is primed for exfoliation and product application, accelerating the absorption and effectiveness of products that follow.

Your skin is now ready for microdermabrasion

Step 1: Pick a probe.


Step 2: Press the power button and choose intensity of suction. Start with the lowest.


Step 3: Hold and gently move at one direction each time ; 2 minutes per session is recommended.


Step 4: Rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry.

A black head and microdermabrasion tool from marasil

DERMA peels and removes dead skin cells on the top layer and vacuuming/suction to remove the particles along with dirt and blackheads. Skin is left smoother and clearer. 

Now we mask!

Step 1: Select a mask that matches your skin type.

Just as with your facial cleanser, it’s important to choose a face mask that suits your skin type. You can choose from among clay, gel, cream, and sheet masks that remove excess oil, treat acne, hydrate, brighten, and soothe the skin.

Step 2: Smooth the mask over your face and let it dry.

Once you’ve chosen a mask, carefully apply it to your face with clean fingers. You can also spread it over your neck and decollete if you like. Allow it to dry according to the instructions on the packaging. In most cases, you’ll need to leave the mask on for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Wash the mask off with water and pat dry.

When the mask has dried, splash your face with warm water to remove it. It may help to dampen a washcloth to remove it, especially if you’re using a clay mask. Use a clean towel to pat your face dry.

SESSION 5: Facial & Eye Massage  | 8 MINUTES
Finish your facial with our massagers

Step 1: Apply your favorite facial moisturizer or serum

Step 2: Power on the KAXA-LIFT 2.0 and switch to red mode. Follow the instruction use your KAXA-LIFT 2.0 for 8 minutes.


The KAXA-LIFT 2.0 is an ergonomically shaped sonic face massager that helps to refresh your face by targeting the most problematic areas, including your eye area, brows, liplines, cheeks, and chin.

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